For Independent Living

Home modifications could enhance your independence and confidence in daily living activities, as well as increase your safety.

Home modifications are alterations made to the structure, layout or fittings of your home so you can continue to live safely and independently.

Modifications may include changes to your bathroom and kitchen, installation of ramps and rails, non-slip flooring, altering bench heights and the widening of doorways.

When Is a Good Time to Consider Home Modifications?

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Are you an older person who would like to remain living in your own home but recognise how a better designed, more accessible and safer home environment can enable that choice?

You may be thinking about the difference home modification could make to improve your lifestyle, independence, safety and care-giving.

Each home modification is different depending on the needs of the person and the layout of the home.

A home modification might consider simple as well as more complex strategies such as:

  • Ramp Installation

  • Creating Step-less Thresholds — Removing Steps

  • Installing Hand Grab Rails and Doorway Widening

  • Kitchen Modifications

  • Laundry Modifications

  • Patient Lifting Devices and Gantry Systems

  • Bathroom Modifications — Accessible Fittings, Toilet, Shower, Vanities and Adult Change Tables

  • Internal and External Lighting — Sensor Lights, Location of Switches and Power

  • Landscape — External Access Paths, Step-less Thresholds and Handrails

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