Contract Process

Contract and Deposit

5% Deposit

The first step towards building your home is formalised with the signing of the contract.


10% Progress Payment

The build commences when we set up the temporary items, position your house onsite (set out), excavate the land, install underground services and pouring the concrete slab or complete subfloor. Once the above is complete the Base Progress Payment is due.


15% Progress Payment

We start constructing the house frame, walls, structural beams, and roof trusses. Once the above is complete and approved by the building surveyor, the Frame Progress Payment is due.

Lock Up

35% Progress Payment

We install all external windows, doors, brickwork and the roof so your home can be locked up and is waterproof.


25% Progress Payment

Internally, your home starts to take shape. The plaster, doors, architraves, skirting boards, kitchen and vanities are installed. For double-storey homes, the staircase is built.


NO Progress Payment

The finishing touches are put in place to complete your home. We then organise a time for you to walk through your home for a final inspection. Any issues are resolved, and within two weeks, your home is ready for handover.


10% Final Payment

We present you with all the essential items to settle in, including the keys, manuals to use your appliances and home maintenance guides.

Three Month Maintenance Period

Our three month maintenance period ensures that you’re covered and receive our full support if any issues arise.

Our Process


We sit down with you to better understand your vision for your home or project and provide you with all your options.


We create a clear scope of works based on your requirements and prepare a detailed specification, timeline & budget that you can track on your dedicated online portal.


All works are carried out in accordance to the relevant building standards and codes of construction, current business operating requirements (licences and insurances) & occupational health and safety regulations.


We ensure all care is taken during your project and after. Our three month maintenance period ensures that you’re covered and receive our full support if any issues arise.

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